Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thank You From The Governor Of Illinois

Since Tony Rezko went on trial, the spotlight has been shining on the governor of Illinois. Things have gotten so bad that Rod Blagojevich won't even leave his Chicago condominium for his office in the State of Illinois Building. All those reporters, all the time, ready to pounce and ask embarrassing questions about pay-to-play politics.

At this time, Governor Blagojevich would like to extend his bottomless gratitude to New York's Elliott Spitzer. Just when evidence given at trial showed how corrupt the Republican and Democratic leadership is in Illinois, Mr. Spitzer was good enough to hire a prostitute. Now the spotlight is glaring on him, and Mr. Blagojevich can breathe a little easier.

Doesn't everyone love a sex scandal? How very thoughtful of Mr. Spitzer to add that certain touch of arrogance coupled with outrageous sums of money. Wealth and deceit, all rolled up into a neat package. Who cares about the state of corruption in Illinois now?

Shaking down companies that wanted to get a piece of state business is dull fodder indeed, when a reporter can tell us all about ratings and fees for jet-setting whores. Rezko putting in the fix for those who paid the bribes, seeking plum posts on state boards? Who cares to hear about that, when psychologists can spend hours analyzing Mrs. Spitzer's body language and divorce lawyers can debate possible settlements and marriage counselors can preach about reconciliation and forgiveness.

In recent testimony, it was revealed that the top Republican in Illinois held a fundraiser for Rod Blagojevich. But the reporting focus has shifted back to New York, and the Governor of Illinois is hoping that no one will hear what comes up at the trial for the next few days. Thanks, Elliott, you're a pal.

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