Thursday, March 06, 2008

No Mid-Week Nudity

Pole dancing is so much in demand in Kilkenny that Whispers has to shut down on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Now, you'd think that the pole-dancing club was doing poorly, but you'd have reached a wrong conclusion. No, the place has to close two nights of the week so the dancers can rest. Up and down the pole, spinning until their brains are scrambled, and it's no wonder that they have to put their feet up every now and again.

Dave Coughlan, Whispers' director, promises to fling the doors open every night of the week after St. Patrick's Day, when all Irishmen miraculously begin to go out to lap-dancing clubs every night of the week. Do the girls not need a rest after the 17th of March? If they're too tired now, what's so magical about St. Patrick's Day that they could last the week?

All of Kilkenny is still waiting for An Bord Pleanala to reach a decision on whether or not the facility requires planning permission. The group that gathers every Friday to shame the patrons is, of course, praying to St. Patrick for a positive response. There'd be a better chance of Whispers being shut down if the planning people could determine that the pole dancing business violates planning laws.

Given that it's been so busy that the ladies need a two day rest, and assuming that Mr. Coughlan's prediction comes true, it's only a matter of time before the place has to close its doors every day. The dancers would spin themselves to death otherwise, with such a press of business.

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