Friday, March 14, 2008

The Pus Arm Of The Law

Child endangerment is a serious issue. Children are often left unattended by mothers who are incapable of caring for them. Children are often left to fend for themselves when mothers have to go to work but can't afford child care.

Then there are mothers who leave a child in the car, lock the door, and walk thirty feet away to donate money to the Salvation Army. That's child endangerment in Crestwood, Illinois.

A community service officer jumped in to save the Coyne toddler. Ms. Coyne was met at her vehicle by a local police sergeant, who was in her face about this dangerous practice that the community service officer had come upon. "I've got your back, dearest, and let's charge this evil miscreant with child endangerment just like you said, honey," or would someone risk an intimate relationship and tell one's lover to get one's head out of one's ass? Ms. Coyne was at a disadvantage from the start.

The case has been dismissed. Security video showed that Ms. Coyne was not gone for more than three minutes, and she denied that her view of her car was obstructed. She had an eye on the sleeping toddler, and she had an eye on her other children. She was doing what mothers do. She was multitasking.

Ms. Coyne would like an apology, but she'd best not hold her breath while waiting. She could, of course, take satisfaction from the fact that this example of sheer idiocy is all over the news, and the Crestwood police are looking as competent as a troop of circus clowns.

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