Friday, March 14, 2008

Destruction For A Worthy Cause

Protesters have dug a hole in Rath Lugh. They aren't archaeologists, by any means, and they did not try to preserve the site. They dug a hole, constructed a trench and carved out a cave. All for a worthy cause.

The National Roads Authority is determined to build the M3 through the hills of Tara. If something of historical significance turns up, presuming that someone notices such items before they're clawed out of the ground and thrown into the waste pile, then archaeologists can come in and excavate. Chart and catalogue and photograph and what all, but important items must then be moved out of the way.

Plenty of people are adamantly against the road, which is going to destroy what has always been the seat of the Irish kings. Don't need a road, don't want a road, but the NRA is building them a road and they can all go feck off.

Lisa Feeney has taken up residence in Rath Lugh. She says she's quite comfortable, thanks, and plans to live on tinned foods and some seeds she's going to sprout. If she knew anything about horticulture, she'd be planning on growing mushrooms. For air circulation, there's a wind-powered pump, so she's hoping the gales continue to blow. Her chamber is stabilized by bits of wood and a car jack. A bit dicey, but she's determined.

Meath fire officials refused to enter the tunnel to evict Ms. Feeney, who has chained herself to the car jack. One tug on her arm and the whole cave crashes in, suffocating all who dare to enter. Ms. Feeney is willing to give her life to preserve Tara.

If protesters wish to occupy the sight, they're welcome to it. They've been working on their tunnel since August, and we all hope that they dug up an archaeologist while they were at it. Rather foolish to cry out for protecting a place if you've done a fair bit of damage to it yourself.

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