Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Standing On Common Ground

In Commons, David Trimble pitched a fit because he believed that Prime Minister Gordon Brown was ignoring Northern Ireland. They're as British as any other member of the United Kingdom, Mr. Trimble would like the Prime Minister to know, and just because half the population of the Six Counties don't think they're the least bit British shouldn't figure into the equation.

The DUP is still angry with Ian Paisley for going into government with the Shinners and the rest of the nationalist-leaning politicians. How can a man be staunchly pro-Union and even think of speaking to someone who has the audacity to hold an Irish passport while residing in Northern Ireland? And now Gordon Brown is shuttling Northern Ireland off to one side?

To listen to Peter Robinson, heir apparent to Ian Paisley, one would think that Mr. Brown considered the sacrosanct union to consist entirely of England, Wales and Scotland. Is there no common ground for the unionist of Northern Ireland to share with their beloved masters on the island to the east?

The common ground is right under their noses, and Mr. Paisley knows exactly where all communities are joined. He's riding the Free Presbyterian mission bus into the Republic of Ireland this summer, bringing some of that common ground with him.

It's not about being British. It's about sin. Whether nationalist or unionist, you're all sinners. There's your common ground. That's why Mr. Paisley was able to come to terms with Gerry Adams. We're all just sinners, even though some are Shinners.

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