Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Time For The Book Tour

Don't feel sorry for Samantha Power. She's not worrying about how to pay her mortgage these days.

She's not even in America at the moment. Ms. Power is in Dublin, hawking her book. And maybe she'll be squeezing in a bit of a visit home at the same time.

Ms. Power is considered an expert on genocide, and as such she was serving as a foreign policy advisor to the Obama campaign. On top of that credential, she's won a Pulitzer Prize, so she's got some talent to fall back on, now that she's been forced to resign the advising post.

All those brains, and she didn't know that when you give an interview, on the record, to a reporter, you can't just mumble an aside about something being off the record and expect the reporter to not use the quote. This is off the record, she said, and you can bet that the reporter's ears pricked up and every word was transcribed with accuracy.

As an expert on genocide, Ms. Power described Ms. Clinton as a monster, hell bent on winning. That, in itself, is hardly news. Most people figured out long ago that the former First Lady was ambition on legs.

There was one other tiny remark that the author on her book tour made to the BBC. All the things that Barack Obama has been saying about pulling out the troops from Iraq and ending the war? Don't worry. He has no intention of following through on any of his campaign rhetoric. Isn't that the Chicago Way?

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