Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama - The Damage Control Tour

For months, the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune has been after Barack Obama, looking for answers. How well did you know Tony Rezko, after all? How much did he actually donate to your campaigns? How involved was he when you bought the house and he bought the side yard?

Yesterday, Senator Obama sat down with editors of both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times to give some answers. Why now, you might ask.

Last night, Senator Obama sat down with a reporter for FoxNews and gave some answers.

What is happening? It's the damage control tour, to stop the rumor train before it runs away and the race to the White House goes off the rails.

The amount of money that Tony Rezko gave to the Obama campaigns has changed with every telling, ever climbing. It has now reached the admitted amount of $250,000. No favors asked for, mind you. Not at the time, at any rate.

It turns out that Mr. Obama knew that Tony Rezko was under indictment when they went house hunting. Did he not realize that the man was radioactive politically? Not to worry. Mr. Rezko assured his up and coming politician friend that there was no merit to the charges. Mr. Obama's instincts told him to believe the word of a man who is on trial and on the verge of jail time.

The Obama family minister has turned out to be a virulent racist, and where better than FoxNews to find the doughy white guys that are critical to Mr. Obama's success. What a shock for the Senator, to learn that his spiritual leader is anti-American, anti-white, and believes that the U.S. government invented AIDS to kill off the black folks. Now, if he'd heard such preaching, Mr. Obama would have quit the church. Everyone knows that you never listen to the sermons anyway. You sleep through them, eyes open, but brain not engaged.

The damage control tour will chug along, all the way to Pennsylvania. Will he manage to convince people that his faulty instincts aren't faulty any more, or will the Chicago Way prove effective once again? Deny, deny, deny.

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