Friday, March 28, 2008

Guilty Again

They said that Dutchy Holland murdered Veronica Guerin. He, of course, denied it.

He was a career criminal who had served time for armed robbery when he was caught after holding up the Berkeley Court Hotel in Ballsbridge. He served time for possession of explosives and detonators. He served time for possession of cannabis. But he never served time for murder.

The Veronica Guerin case came up again when Dutchy was freed after doing his ten years on the possession charge. He denied it again.

Will he still claim that he's being persecuted of a crime he says he didn't commit when he goes back to court in England?

Mr. Holland has been nabbed in another crime. His scheme was quite elaborate, but still as stupid as could be.

The lovely Khan Coombs was supposed to get a job at a company and then lure the owner into a trap. Mr. Holland and his crew would then hold the man for ransom, a payout of ten million pounds sterling that would have gone a long way to making his existence more comfortable.

Brilliant plan, but what's a kidnapper to do when the sexy bait can't get the job?

Next thing he knows, the police are on to the plan and he's arrested for attempting a crime of huge proportion.

Dutchy's 68 years old now, and he won't have to worry about how to fund his retirement. Chances are, he'll be in prison for the rest of his life. He was never convicted of murdering Veronica Guerin, but he won't walk the streets again, and that's as much closure as the Guerin family can expect --- not perfect, but better than nothing.

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