Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As Time Runs Out

Worried about global warming and all the ensuing catastrophes?

In a panic over global cooling and a new Ice Age?

Forget all that. It's all going to end in a horrible sequence of events that will culminate in our home planet being sucked into the sun's orbit. We, and all that we know, will be vaporized.

We have as little as 7.59 billion years to find another place to live.

It's never too soon to shop around for new digs. Our current neighborhood is going downhill and we have to move out before it's too late.

Scientific research must focus on interplanetary travel. The earth won't be around forever, so why waste money on tarting up a losing proposition? Ice, heat, pollution, overpopulation, what have you....none of it matters, does it, when you realize there is something much worse to be afraid of?

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