Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Agent Sent Packing

How long will it take April Eberhardt of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency to respond? Or is she one of those non-responders?

I sent a query three weeks ago, after discovering on the website that she is looking for the very sort of novel that I have written. How easy to personalize the query letter, to insert a short note that let her know I had read the website and was aware of her predilections and preferences.

Back to the website today, to see if there was any time schedule or the sad news that the agency is so swamped that they won't bother to reply if they aren't swept away by a magical query. So where is Ms. Eberhardt? She's not there any more.

The list of agents is missing one name.

I've done it yet again. My query frightened off another one. Here's my novel, says I, and she's out the door as fast as the wind.

The query was sent to her personal mailbox, so I'd guess that it won't be looked at by any other agent there. Cross another one off the list. Bid my time. There'll be a new victim coming up soon enough.

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