Monday, April 21, 2008

Protesting Against The Unknown

CNN is in hot water over in China. Their own Jack Cafferty called out the government, and now the government's called out the crowds.

"We don't have the right to watch CNN" noted an online protester, "but we have the right to reject it." Now doesn't that just make all the sense in the world?

Makes the whole online protest so vitally sincere. I've never seen what I'm against, but I'm against it. And the rest of the world nods and laughs. There go the goons and thugs, orchestrating the masses. Go out and post this online. Run over there and protest. Marshall the students, loyal Chinese Communist members all, and give them their marching orders.

Oh look, say the goons and the thugs, we have protests too. Oh look, says the rest of the world. You're a shower of shite.

The Chinese cannot watch CNN, they cannot access the Internet freely, and when the goons snap their fingers, they crowd around the Carrefour shop in Xian to demonstrate that they can follow government orders. They're boycotting the Carrefour outlet in Beijing, except for those who continue to shop there. A person's got to live, and any Chinese who can afford imported food is going to buy it, rather than risk the dodgy local fare.

Wherever the Olympic torch lands, there are human rights advocates there to protest. Chinese television is hard-pressed to get positive coverage for the folks back home. Things aren't going well at all, and the world refuses to cooperate with the media control game.

What if no one shows up for the grand Olympics party?

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