Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Michael Collins, Carbon Fighter

He's long dead, murdered during the Irish Civil War, but Minister for the Environment John Gormley has resurrected one of Ireland's heroes. The battle this time is not between the Free Staters and the Anti-Treaty faction. It's a war against carbon emissions.

Eamon de Valera has been drafted into the fight as well, even though he fell out of favor with a great many people. Looking back, he's largely responsible for dragging Ireland into the isolated backwater that it was after the Free State was formed. Still, he was one of the survivors of the 1916 Easter Rising and he did his bit for freedom so why not exhume his corpse and send him into the front lines against CO2?

People aren't believing the man-made global warming propaganda, so a new campaign has been launched. At a cost of 12.5 million euro, the Irish public will be bombarded in one minute adverts, featuring Mick Collins and Dev. They believed in Irish freedom, so won't you believe that you're the cause of the earth's temperature going up? Or at least it was going up last year. Don't look at this year's results.

Look, the snippets of air time will declare. Look at the challenge faced by that long dead generation, back when we were more worried about not getting shot than about how much CO2 the cows were pumping into the atmosphere every time they farted. Look at the challenge that Mick and Dev faced down. Now here's our challenge, for this generation.

Cut down on those carbon emissions, just like Mick cut down the Black and Tans in Cork.

And please, please start believing the climate change people who would have you believe that the earth was never warmer than it is now, in spite of geological evidence.

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