Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Pranks, Just Silence

Maybe it's the fact that Easter was so early this year, but the first of April came and went without a single prank being pulled. It's as if none of us remembered that it was April Fool's Day. Just another Tuesday.

Just another day in a string of days, another day when there was no response to a query. No envelopes returned with a form rejection, no e-mail asking for a partial manuscript. Average day, so typical of all the rest. Who could recall that it was supposed to be something other than average?

Yesterday marked six weeks since I queried Anderson Literary Management. Is it time to write it off as a non-response? So many decisions to be made.

What about the snail mail? Did the letters ever arrive at The Gernert Company or Brandt & Hochman? Five weeks and no news; if an agent were interested I would have heard by now.

Try, try again. I've laid in a stock of Forever stamps.

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