Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Give Him A Cookie

Little Jimmy used his inside voice and he was very polite. Such a good boy. He deserves a cookie. And a nap.

All the talk, the dust-up and fuss, because former President (and foreign policy failure) Jimmy Carter was going to solve the problems in the Middle East. He would go talk to Hamas, have a discussion and resolve all those long-standing issues. Sounds like an episode with Dr. Phil.

See what I've done, the insignificant politician cried. I've gotten Hamas to recognize Israel.

Ah, no, came the clarification from Khaled Mishaal of Hamas. We said nothing of the kind.

For his return to the spotlight, Mr. Carter came away with an agreement that would leave a wiser man cringing with embarrassment. His moment of being the sensitive man resulted in absolutely nothing.

If Israel goes back to the 1967 borders, losing key defensive positions in the process, then Hamas will grant a ten year cease fire. There's progress for you. Ten years to build up arms, train forces, and move into positions that once were Israeli soil. Brilliant.

Mr. Carter should stick with charitable work, with building houses for the homeless. He never did understand the evil side of the human mind, and he doesn't recognize it now, when it bites him in the arse.

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