Friday, April 18, 2008

Action When Words Fail

The An Yue Jiang made port in South Africa. The dockworkers won't unload it.

Zimbabwe was expecting a cargo of munitions from China, but as the country is land-locked, all goods have to be shipped into South Africa and ported. Aware of what is going on in Zimbabwe, the South African transport workers, all 300,000 of them, have made a statement when no other African leader will speak.

What might Robert Mugabe want with arms from China? The union believes that the weapons are meant to be used against the people of Zimbabwe, who would like to be rid of Mr. Mugabe and his disastrous regime. Will anyone step up and force Mr. Mugabe to put an end to his blatant power grab? Anyone?

Well, we can't interfere with trade between China and Zimbabwe, says the South African government. Why, it's none of our business what Robert Mugabe does with those four containers of arms and ammunition. It's nobody's business.

To which the union says, feck off. We're not taking them off the ship.

Thabo Mbeki, the president of South Africa, has been mediating the dispute in Zimbabwe. His citizens are apparently less than impressed with his progress. The transport union has made their position clear. Can Mr. Mbeki hear his people now?

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