Friday, April 11, 2008

Anticipating A Rejection

They popped in for a visit, but it was very short. One page of the website, the home page, was the area of interest. What about the last page, with its list of publication credits? What of the sample writing pages? None of that. Only the first page, the default.

I presume that someone connected with the literary journal was poking around my website. The stats log identified the ISP as belonging to the university, so who else would it have been?

It's been a month at least since the short story was submitted. The journal usually responds quickly, as journals go, and four weeks isn't out of bounds for a hasty dismissal.

What's new with Duotrope? Check the listings of recent submission results and learn that someone else has just been rejected by the same journal. Looks like the editors and readers are going through submissions, making decisions.

My SASE will be in my mailbox by Monday, considering the slow pace of the postal service. Only the home page of my website was examined. How can that be a good sign?

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