Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bonds For Ireland

Why should the Jews have all the fun? Vote for Hillary Clinton and give the Irish-Americans a chance to have one of those grand fund-raising dinners.

Where would Israel be without the Bonds for Israel? Jewish-Americans have pumped billions into the country through the massive annual appeal, so why not let Irish-Americans do the same for Northern Ireland?

In speaking to the Irish-American Presidential Forum, Ms. Clinton put forth this new idea. She's been touting her role in bringing about peace in the Six Counties, so it stands to reason that she's looking to bring along some much needed financing. The special envoy to Northern Ireland, who would be directly answerable to herself in the Oval Office, might be able to help her decide where to spread the bounty.

More and more, it's looking like Westminster would like to be quit of Northern Ireland, with its heavy reliance on government jobs at a huge cost to the Exchequer. Bit by bit, the budget's been getting trimmed, and the loyalists are growing increasingly nervous. Any day now, the Six Counties are liable to be ceded back to the Irish and where would unionism be without the union?

What's to become of all that added cash? Ms. Clinton envisions a stream of investments that will " the legitimacy and credibility of the government". Does that sound like more police officers on the streets, or is there a ring of a united Ireland in all that?

But wait, there's more. Once elected, Ms. Clinton will convene a trade conference within two years. No one's told her, apparently, that there's all kinds of trade between the U.S. and Ireland, largely involving tax dodges by major corporations. Or is she planning to hold a conference to tell Ireland the game's up? In which case, that whole Bonds for Ireland drive will take on added significance.

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