Saturday, February 09, 2008

What Would The Prophet Do?

Memorizing the Quran is hardly preparation for the business world. The ability to recite some particular passage from memory does not mean that the speaker could interpret a cost/benefit analysis. Profits dropping, sales off, and the CEO won't get far by asking what The Prophet (peace be upon him) would do to rescue the bottom line. The religious rulers of Iran are beginning to figure this one out.

The linchpin in the axis of evil is out to privatize part of its energy sector, in the hope that foreign devils will come in and shore up a failing industry. Sure there's power in prayer, but God isn't going to come down from on high and serve as board chairman. This new umbrella group would be listed on Tehran's stock exchange, with an eye to propping up that financial invalid as well with foreign investment.

Iran is looking for $90 billion out of the privatization scheme. Considering the price of oil these days, you'd have to believe that they've made a complete mess of things financially. Where did all the oil money go, if they've gone begging for billions?

The holding company for Iran's privatized oil companies is going to be listed on four markets, a spokesman has said, but which national markets are coming on board is a big secret. No details will be released until the end of March, but you can pretty much figure that the only interested parties will be other axis of evil members, and they're not exactly the most sound financially.

It's time for the ayatollahs to pay closer attention to Bloomberg's financial advice. Ah, no, that would never do. Too Jewish.

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