Thursday, February 28, 2008

Waiting For The First Move

Get up off your feckin' arses, says the deputy mayor of Kilkenny. If there's to be something done to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, then move on it.

Last year, the clever tourism officials of Kilkenny declared that a parade was so last century, so dated and downscale. They brought in a street festival that smacked of continental flair, ever so European in scope, thinking that an updated affair would bring in the tourists.

It brought in the begrudgers, didn't it? Oh, sure, they wanted something grand and when performers failed to show up and the stewards couldn't keep order, then the complaints came pouring in. Visitors hated it, and it was done for their benefit. The mayor was quick to jump in, saving his reputation with a call to review the review of the parade.

So all you who have whinged about the festival, come up with something better. You weren't happy with what was done; you plan out what you want. A parade? Fine, then organize it. Go to your neighbors, go to the civic organizations in the community, go to whoever you need to get with and put a parade together.

Just try to organize a parade and see how feckin' impossible it is to please some people who like nothing better than criticizing what others have slaved over. It's all on you. Make your own parade and don't start crying about the failure when it flops. And don't blame the deputy mayor. It'll be your fault when everyone goes off to Dublin's grand spectacle and no one bothers with Kilkenny.

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