Monday, February 04, 2008

The Quarterback Gets The Cheerleader

Who was sitting in the luxury skybox to cheer on Tom Brady? His super-model girlfriend, of course, sipping red wine and looking perfect. That's the way of the world, isn't it? The star quarterback gets the prettiest cheerleader and the linemen get what's left.

Who was sitting in the luxury skybox to cheer on Eli Manning? His brother Peyton, a fellow quarterback who isn't the ugliest man in town but he doesn't have Tom Brady's good looks. He's a clean cut American youth sort of man, personable, a role model for children. Peyton Manning is the sort of lad that your mother points to and asks you why can't you be more like him.

Tom Brady went home with Ms. Bundchen tonight. Eli Manning went home with a Super Bowl victory. Sure the quarterback got the cheerleader, but he'd dump her into Boston Harbor if it meant he could trade places with Eli Manning. What good is the super-model girlfriend and the undefeated season if you don't win the big game?

Other men were jealous of Tom Brady's way with the ladies, but they'd rather be the quarterback who won the Super Bowl. Ms. Bundchen will grow old, but the Lombardi trophy will shine forever.

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