Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Minnow's Second Fishbowl

The new digs on St. Stephen's Green are working out well for the executives of Education Media and Publishing Group, aka HM Riverdeep, aka HMH, or whatever alias they're using these days. The lovely fishbowl that was created by developer Garret Kelleher has been so functional that the little minnows in the creative department are to get a new home for themselves as well.

Price Waterhouse Cooper has moved out of their space on Tara Street over to Spencer Dock, which sounds like a better place to house a whale of publishing firm. Instead of locating near water, EMPG's clever set is shifting to Tara Street. The current offices at the Digital Exchange Building are too small, now that the little minnow Riverdeep has swallowed up some big meals.

They'll swim up to the second floor of Ashford House, where the rent is pegged at 611,000 euro per year, on a nine year sub-lease. After that, one would suppose, they'll need an even bigger place because EMPG is going to keep on growing.

Of course, this being accommodation for staff, the place isn't so grand and the rent works out to around 41 euro per square foot. Compare that to Barry O'Callaghan's office space in the former Department of Justice building, which costs 65 euro per square foot. Rather like the difference between an exotic coral reef reproduction and a ten gallon tank with a noisy filter.

If HM Riverdeep-Harcourt-Greenwood-etc. is getting bigger space in Dublin, does it mean that the Irish employees aren't facing the rounds of lay-offs that have rumbled through Orlando, Boston and San Diego? An bhfuil gaeilge agat*?

*pronounced: on will gale-geh ah-gat....meaning: do you speak Irish.

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