Monday, February 11, 2008

The Rush Is Over

What else would a writer do but write? Literary agents must have been swamped these past three months, inundated by queries from striking writers with time on their hands and a desire to generate a quick buck.

Publishing being utterly unlike screenwriting, the potential novelists would have had no chance to get a penny out of any accepted manuscript for months. From beginning to end, it's a crawl to the cash window.

On top of that, several literary agents were not excited about the new material, given the fact that screenwriters are good with dialogue but not great with exposition and narrative. The novels that were produced were not very good, and agents spent time reading and rejecting while your query was given a quick rejection in an attempt to clear up the backlog.

A writer with credentials stands a better chance of getting a request for more material, which means you as a novice author were shuttled aside as the strikers made a mad dash for representation. The strike is over, the writers are going back to work by Wednesday, and the coast is clear.

The influx of screenwriter novels will grind to a halt, and the publishing industry will get back to its normal, stodgy pace. It's safe to submit to agents again, without having to compete against someone who knows someone. Have at it.

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