Thursday, February 14, 2008

Do You Love Me Now

Dear Agent, I have personalized the query with a mention of your blog. The part where you say you're looking for the very book I've written, do you remember posting that?

I've written the best query I could. Plot summed up, conflict described, what's at stake, all the usual stuff that goes into an intriguing little billet deux.

And look, I've added a bio paragraph to cite my one and only credential.

Do you love me now? Will you ask to see my manuscript? Will you fall in love with my words?

Take a bit of time to think it over. Sure it's a big step, making a commitment like that.

I won't know of your love until Monday. We're off for a long weekend, no computers, just a lot of hiking and nature and time to think about the manuscript I'm currently refining.

Don't break my heart. Don't let me come back on Monday to find an empty e-mail box, the rejection signified by the lack of your response.

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