Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Literally Outsourced

Court documents are important bits of paper, and the British government believes in storing them safely. The Court Service in Belfast found that an outsourced venue was the way to go, and it turns out that their documents were, literally, outsourced.

A search of outbuildings on a farm in County Tyrone turned up five filing cabinets, stuffed with legal papers. No one had reported them missing, since the storage of the documents had been outsourced and there was no presumption that the paperwork was not being properly minded.

It was confirmed today that some of the documents are thirty years old, and no one is saying if anything of importance was tucked away on the farm near Ballygawley. Private information, data that could be of importance to the IRA, or anything along those lines? No one's talking.

Expect the independent contractor who was charged with keeping tabs on the files to be sued for dereliction of duty, breach of contract, and that sort of thing. Expect that further outsourcing of records storage will be examined, and the use of outbuildings when outsourcing will be made illegal.

Doesn't that just prove that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself?

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