Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Way To The Exit, Please Use It

An eighty-year-old man doesn't move very fast. Sure, his mind is still sharp. He knows all the words to the hymns and he can dress himself. Still capable of arguing and not losing his train of thought. He may not know, however, when it's time to leave.

Ian Paisley stepped down as head of the church he invented when mainline churches failed to permit him to despise Catholics. He was getting on in years, and while he was still physically capable of doing the old job, everyone knew that he wasn't going to live forever. Better then to get the successor in place so that the transition would flow smoothly. Besides, the codger was clearly going soft in the head, since he went into government with the Shinners. Getting a bit dotty, no doubt, and so Mr. Paisley was shuffled off.

The members of the DUP would like their titular head to step aside. There's tremendous dissatisfaction among the rank and file, who still fume over home rule and the Stormont Assembly. Seeing their beloved diploma mill reverend on the same stage as Martin McGuinness is too much to take, and the old man's going off the rails isn't he?

Citing the need for a transition, since Mr. Paisley will be called to meet his maker at some point sooner rather than later, higher ups in the DUP have tried to show him the door. On the heels of certain revelations that Paisley Junior was stuffing his pockets and helping a loyal Loyalist stuff his as well, the average voter is losing their love of a man who once called the Pope the Anti-Christ.

Make way for Peter Robinson and his mate Nigel Dodds. They'd like to close the door on an exiting Ian Paisley and then get rid of the St. Andrews Agreement and the Good Friday Agreement and the Shinners and home rule.

The problem is, clocks don't run backwards and neither does time.

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