Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Disclosure Wars

One man is determined to uncover the truth about child sexual abuse at the hands of clerics. One man has claimed executive privilege and is determined that Church records be kept locked away from prying eyes.

Current Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin doesn't understand why his predecessor, Cardinal Desmond Connell, isn't in favor of disclosing what was known about perverts in Roman collars. The two have been discussing the release of some documents for months, as Archbishop Martin cooperated with the commission inquiring into the Church's handling of a problem that was thoroughly bungled. Now the Cardinal is going to court, to stop the disclosure. Archbishop Martin doesn't understand.

"Truth is not served by polemics" the Archbishop said when asked about the Cardinal's legal action. This whole inquiry is about the kids whose lives were destroyed, and it is not about the priests who were moved from one parish to the next when they interfered with children. Archbishop Martin doesn't understand why the Cardinal is attempting to block a full and open disclosure, to confess and find absolution.

The reason is obvious. The parish-hopping was done under the Cardinal's watch. He's responsible for failing to take assertive action to stop the sex abusers from carrying on their sick game. He was on top of the corporate ladder when the policy was in place, to hush things up and move the priests along to some other parish and some other children. When the victims of clerical sex abuse look to see who's to blame, they'll be pointing their fingers at Cardinal Connell, and that's not the legacy he's looking to leave behind.

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