Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Have You Seen This Man?

Granted, he's thirty-six years older these days, and chances are, he's dead, but the F.B.I. would still like to know if you've seen him lately.

The sketches were drawn up after the gentleman to the left hijacked an American plane and held the passengers hostage. Their descriptions provided the fodder for the drawings, so that law enforcement could find and locate the perpetrator. You'd think he'd stand out in a crowd anyway, since he also had $200,000 in $20 bills. That was what he was given as a ransom, along with a parachute.

The passenger manifest listed him as D.B. Cooper, not his real name. He took the money and jumped from the plane, only to disappear into the dense woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Nine years after the event, a young boy found some of the cash in the woods, quite a bit worse for wear. Neither the culprit nor the rest of the money ever turned up. Now the F.B.I. has taken a renewed interest.

They have but little to do with themselves these days and must turn to a cold case to keep busy. While the rest of the public believes Mr. Cooper to be dead these many years, the G-men draw no conclusions as they sift through the evidence and apply new technologies to old material.

You, the general public, are key to solving this crime. The F.B.I. needs leads to follow. Any of your relations go missing in 1971? Know anyone who appeared to be suddenly wealthy back then? Someone overly fond of skydiving?

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