Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fish Or Cut Bait

Let it never be forgotten that it was Houghton Mifflin buying Harcourt, and not the other way around.

Hence, a Harcourt employee finds his way to the street. Dan Farley of Harcourt Trade will go, as there is no need of two presidents when one will do for the newly merged entity. The ladies of Houghton Mifflin will bump up against the glass ceiling, with Bridget Marmion (a fine Irish name, that) and Mia (any relation to Macho?) Camacho moving into vice presidential posts, while Laurie Brown is representing for Harcourt's turf. Don't want the newly acquired Harcourt folks thinking that they're all on the chopping block, as that is bad for morale and bad morale is bad for productivity.

The educational publishing whale has begun its swim towards profitability, combining departments and eliminating duplicate positions. The synergies are commencing, and Barry O'Callaghan has his eye fixed on the bottom line. That's what the all-important financial houses are observing closely.

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