Thursday, January 31, 2008

Safe Sex On A Budget

Let there be rejoicing in the streets, the pubs, and the hotel rooms. Let glasses be lifted and toasts raised to the Minister of Finance, Brian Cowen.

Today's Finance Bill has ordered that the VAT rate on condoms be reduced, from 21% to 13.5%. Having safe sex has just gotten cheaper, thanks to Mr. Cowen and his wisdom. Condoms will come down in price, assuming that condom sellers take the hint and pass the reduced VAT costs down to their customers.

Who knows how many Irish women were impregnated because they or their partner couldn't afford a condom? Unplanned pregnancies should plummet, now that the ladies (or the bold gentleman who isn't too shy to make the purchase) can splurge on the more affordable contraceptive device.

Labour Youth applauds Mr. Cowen's efforts. The girls can't plead poverty to avoid sex now that condoms are to be had on the cheap. The eyes of unmarried Irish men are surely smiling this evening.

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