Monday, January 07, 2008

Be Your Own Agent

Here's an opportunity for you to get your foot a little deeper past the door.

In an attempt to job the system, you've landed a position as an assistant to some literary agent, or you're doing an internship for the benefit of the contacts. Your plan is to become a bit more established so that you can rep your own manuscript. It's nearly impossible to get an agent to look at it, so why not sneak in through the back door?

Liza Dawson might be wanting you. She has an opening for someone who knows the assistant angle and has begun to develop their own stable of authors. Surely you meet the other qualification, that you're knowledgeable about some particular genre. It's the genre you write, of course.

Send her your particulars via e-mail. Compensation isn't the issue, so you don't care what she's paying. This is your chance to get your manuscript in the hands of the editors that will buy your novel. Once you've got the six figure advance, sure and you'll give notice. Step aside and let someone else get a ride on the literary gravy train.

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