Saturday, January 19, 2008

Give My Regards To Broadway

The Walgreen Company is pleased to announce their return to Times Square.

They were there before, during the Great Depression. Expect Wall Street to take note and fly into a panic. The markets are driven entirely by emotion.

Besides opening up a two-level shop to sell their drugs and sundries, Walgreen's will construct the biggest video screen ever on Times Square, to promote their new digs and make a bit of money on advertising revenue.

Thousands of tourists flock to Times Square every day, and they'll need plasters for their blisters and aspirins for their headaches. Walgreen's will be there, ready to add to their already robust bottom line.

Don't expect Estelle Walgreen to be in attendance for the grand opening. Like many a divorced woman, she has experienced an economic downturn from her former days as the spouse of a drug store magnate. Her Lake Forest home can be had at auction, for the bargain price of one million and change. Where she and her pot-bellied pigs will go is unknown, but the neighbors are happy that the infamous pigs will finally depart.

Due to some bad investments, she lost a great deal of her divorce settlement and is falling on hard times. Perhaps she should have invested in Walgreen Co. stock instead.

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