Monday, January 07, 2008

The Saps Of Dublin 4

When one lives in Dublin 4, one does not experience the same sorts of discomforts that are visited on the less well-off. The same applies to trees. If they live in Dublin 4, they are expected to be good neighbors, or they will have to go.

The maple trees are exuding sap, to the consternation of the residents, and causing damage to car finishes and driveways. It's quite unacceptable, and the Dublin City Council must do something about it. Obviously, the simplest solution is to get rid of the offending trees. In the meantime, the Council must pay for the damage caused by the trees that they so carelessly installed.

If you park under a tree the leaves and sap will fall on your car, you great feckin' eejit, was implied by a Parks Department employee who didn't use those exact words but he was thinking along those lines. Live in a leafy suburb and you'll have to deal with leaves and berries falling. The City Council is not going to pay out for something that is naturally occurring and not a legitimate problem. And they're not cutting down the trees, either.

Councillor Sean Kenny (Labour) has picked up the anti-sap torch and has put his reputation on the line with a request that the council not plant sappy trees on the roadsides. A bold move on his part, considering the fact that the council already considers location before planting a tree.

Sap problem, wealthy resident of a high-end suburb? Wash your car.

Problem solved.

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