Saturday, January 05, 2008

Please Don't Share Information

Someone named Jess has commented on an old post but this is too interesting to bury where it belongs. Yet another friend of the WriteHigh Literary Agency has come forward with a glowing testimonial. Problem is, there's still not a word said about manuscripts sold by the agency.
Monique (of WriteHigh) is *my* client, and I believe you should know that the reason that she offers editing services is because that's what she did before she decided to become an agent. She's a full-service agency. I've never met a nicer person than Monique; she's caring, giving, and would never, ever try and 'scam' a client.

She's a lovely woman, I'm sure. She's not scamming, she's only trying to make a living. She means well. And isn't the road to hell smoothly paved with good intentions? Has she sold a manuscript to a publishing house that only accepts agented submissions?

I hope that, through real research into their business practices, you are able to write a more accurate (and maybe more flattering?) review of the agency, because it seems to me that your assessment isn't really constructive...Are you intentionally trying to harm a complete stranger by poorly reviewing their new agency and posting it on the internet without ever having had a personal interaction with anyone in the company?

Not trying to harm anyone at all, at all. Merely trying to protect the novice who's looking for an agent from paying for an editing service when they only wanted an agent to rep them. It's nothing personal. It's business.

If Jess had looked through the Absolute Write thread Bewares and Background Check, he/she would have learned that the repeated mantras of "Money flows to the writer" and "A good literary agent has sold books to places you've heard of" is entirely in keeping with my post on WriteHigh. A literary agent does not have to a scammer to be undesirable. It's all about the sales, not about the editing.
You really should think twice about posting criticism on the internet without having properly researched your facts. I think you'd be surprised at how detrimental it can be to a fledgling business owner.

I did the research on the WriteHigh website and found that no one who is represented by WriteHigh has a sold manuscript to their credit. I also did research at the AAR website, where you too could discover that literary agents offering paid editing services are engaged in a conflict of interest that the association frowns upon. Think of a board-certified plastic surgeon and the dermatologist who took a week-end course on rhinoplasty. Who would you see for a face-lift, so?
I'm sure you won't actually post this comment

Ah, darlin', it's front and center.
But still, please think about taking removing this post until you have more accurate information.

Has WriteHigh sold any manuscripts to agent-requiring publishing houses since the original post? Supply the information, Jess, and I'd be happy to post it. Until then, the warning stands. If you're looking for a literary agent, try AAR first.

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