Tuesday, January 08, 2008

An Interesting Development

What is Ireland about? Democracy? Advancement? Lap dancing?

John Sullivan of Whispers Entertainment has sought an answer to his heart-felt query. He'd very much like a lap dancing club to open in Kilkenny, all in an effort to pursue the glory of democracy and advancement. And let's not forget the rights of women to nudity and physical exercise while unclothed. Surely the ladies are entitled to pursue that right, and get paid for it as well?

It's the small minds of the Kilkenny Borough Council who are trying to stop Whispers from opening their club. They've struggled to find a legal challenge, reaching across party lines to come up with a binding rule that would keep lap dancing out of Kilkenny.

Now it's in An Bord Pleanala's lap, so to speak. If this board says that a new lap dancing club constitutes a "development", then Whispers has to apply for planning permission. Fat chance they'd get that.

While the definition of development is parsed, the council will ask Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan to whip up some new legislation to bar the lap dancing club. Time is running out, because the Kilkenny District Court is due to make a ruling today on Whispers Entertainment's earlier request for a license transfer.

If Judge William Harnett decides that Whispers can transfer its pub license to a club license, there'll be lap dancing in Kilkenny. When that happens, you can count on the army of mammies and grannies to be out in front, protesting and shaming any lad who dares to approach the front door.

Didn't they shut down Stringfellow's lap dancing club in Dublin after six months? Never underestimate the power of an Irish woman wielding a cudgel of Catholic guilt.

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