Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Seasonal Cleaning

Since I finally made a start on a new manuscript, with a plot that's been kicking around my head for nearly two years, I've let the query outbox accumulate dust.

As summer is officially here, it's time to clean house and toss out the old and unanswered.

Two months waiting on Lucy Carson of the Friedrich Agency. I'm guessing that no response means no. Not that you'd get any inkling by looking at the agency's website, but after all this time, I'd say it's a fair assumption.

Delete. Update the records to "No response" and move on.

What of Kristyn Keene, a newcomer to powerhouse agency ICM? Two months with no answer---there's the answer right there. What was I thinking? Myself, an unpublished author, daring to seek representation among so elite a crew....delete. Update the records.

What of Amy Boggs at the Donald Maass Agency? Another non-responder? In the past, other agents at the same agency have responded to queries, but is she following her own query road? Then again, what if she was swamped with queries when it was learned that she'd joined a new agency?

I'm not ready to abandon all hope of the woman just yet. Let it ride for another month. Three months of waiting will have to be the limit. If there's no request for more material by then, whether there's a proper reply or not, it'll be a no.

Looking much tidier in the e-mail bin. Almost tempting to try to compose and revise a new query letter for the old manuscript, but that would just distract me from putting together submissions to small publishers for the other manuscript that I've been meaning to get out there for months and haven't gotten around to.

Or I could just go back to my current work in progress and put the query aggravation aside for another day.

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