Monday, June 21, 2010

Efficient Use Of Resources

A man might, on occasion, drop off the little ones with the child minder and perhaps notice that the lady who will be tending to his offspring's needs during the day is a pretty young thing.

On his way to work, he might fantasize about all that sexuality that goes unnoticed by the two-year-old set.

Would he ever imagine that his wife would have selected a child minder who could make all those fantasies come true?

There isn't much money to be made in the child care industry. Salaries are low, insurance is high, and then there's all the licensing and hoops to leap through to prove the center is sanitary and safe.

Little wonder that Amy Elizabeth Thoren of Naperville, Illinois, opened a second business that is wholly unregulated and doesn't need any sort of license.

The kids are gone from her home-based center at night, so why not make use of the empty space and generate income from a business that's seen a steady demand since the beginning of human kind. No different than a fast food restaurant opening up for breakfast. The facilities are in place, the utilities are humming and the physical plant is costing money whether it's open or not. So why not open?

Ms. Thoren's home functioned as the call center, while the actual work was done in various hotels and motels in town. She shared the home with another prostitute, although it's not yet known if her house mate was also helping out with the day care center by day. You'd think that a woman who was up all night working wouldn't be much help chasing down toddlers.

The Department of Children and Family Services has been alerted, since day care centers generally aren't permitted in brothels, even if said brothel was more of a private office for the pimp and no sex acts were performed in places that were accessible to the children.

How often have you heard or seen advertising that claims you can make a fortune and never leave home? Ms. Thoren may have discovered the fine print.

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