Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bright Side Of The Road

It's said that Van Morrison is a shy fella. Attend one of his performances and you'll not hear a spoken word out of him, just the singing of song after song with no mindless chatter.

Little wonder that such a private person would safeguard his privacy.

Desmond and Mary Kavanaugh should have realized that before they built their fancy big house in Dalkey. Right next door to Mr. and Mrs. Van Morrison.

Mrs. Morrison is suing her new neighbors over some shrubbery. She insists that the original plan called for tall trees to be planted between the properties so that the Kavanaugh's various windows could not look out onto the Morrison garden. What if Van the Man took a notion to pee on the roses? It would be all over the Internet, with a video on YouTube. Talk about an invasion of privacy.

Mr. and Mrs. Kavanaugh planted big bushes instead, according to the lawsuit that was filed in the High Court. Therefore, An Bord Pleanala had no business accepting the permission compliance notice because the Kavanaughs did not comply.

Bay laurel and holly are lovely, but Mrs. Morrison believes that there's a height problem and her new neighbors will be looking into the Morrison living room unless they plant some nice tall trees.

Like any judge hearing a dispute between neighbors, Mr. Justice Michael Hanna told the warring parties to sit down and talk like mature adults.

There's the problem, of course. Van Morrison doesn't talk. He's not an ebullient Irishman, but a stern and dour descendant of the Ulster Plantation.

He's more comfortable letting his solicitor do the talking, even if it ends up costing a small fortune.

You might think it would make more sense to take that money and invest it in some trees that he could have installed on his own property, but that would be missing the point. He's an important man, a wealthy man, and he will have his way.

Sometimes money does the talking.

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