Thursday, May 06, 2010

And Now To Kick Aunt Aggie Out The Door

Time to update a blog post from 28 April as more news comes in on the eviction front.

At that time, news was breaking about Agnes Albinger, a centenarian who was on the verge of losing her farm to foreclosure.

On the heels of a publicity storm, the bank holding the mortgage declared their willingness to work with the unfortunate woman so that she wouldn't be seen out on the street with her meager belongings piled up behind her.

The building inspector in Monee, Illinois also agreed to give her some time to fix up her ramshackle house so that the place wouldn't be condemned and Aunt Aggie forced into a nursing home.

So much good news and hope calls for a reality check.

Ms. Albinger's niece, Bridget Gruzdis, wrested control of the farm from her elderly aunt, who recalls signing some papers but had no idea what was going on. Silly Aunt Aggie, to trust a family member whose actions put paid to the notion that dear Bridget was trying to help out. Help herself, more like it.

To further burnish her stellar reputation, Ms. Gruzdis has served an eviction notice on Agnes Albinger, 100 years of age. The normal channels didn't work to get the old bat off the farm, you see, and there's all this sympathy been generated. And when you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Ms. Albinger has thirteen days to vacate or be removed.

Her reason? According to Ms. Gruzdis, she's skint and can't afford to "maintain the property or provide for the occupants."

The occupant was doing just fine until Bridget tried to "provide" for her.

The Will County State's Attorney is on the case, to do what can be done to keep Ms. Albinger in her home. There's laws againts preying on seniors, aren't there?

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