Monday, May 10, 2010

23 Days And Counting

Wondering what to do with yourself in June?

Like books and authors and seminars that deal with books and authors?

Always wanted to visit Chicago but needed a good reason to come?

The Printer's Row Lit Fest is what you've been waiting for.

Opening on Saturday, June 12 and closing up late on Sunday night, the annual festival of all things literary is a hot ticket and you'll want to make your reservations early.

A few literary agents may show up, but the festival is more about connecting writers with readers. You could listen to someone like Audrey Niffenegger talk about the process of writing and learn something that would improve your manuscript. You could browse the tables of the used book vendors and find things you never knew existed but which you must own.

Independent publishers, independent book sellers, and a few literary journals will set up shop to display their wares, hoping to attract the attention of the general public that might not know that they exist. And that they can help you find a book based on your general interests because they know books, unlike the computer that connects you to a big chain website.

The Tribune Company, which owns the festival, is counting down the days. Hotel rooms are cheaper in Chicago over weekends when the business travelers have gone home.

What better vacation could you have than one spent among books?

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