Monday, July 21, 2008

The Pride of Stackstown

All that talk of Greg Norman, the old man of golf, all the attention...he's just gotten married again, to the tennis star, and do you think his legs might be too tired to walk the course...

Toiling away, sore wrist and all, was the Irishman. His wrist was aching, limiting the amount of swings he could take for practice, but he kept on going.

No one mentioned him much, except in passing. Last year's winner, he wore that label when the British Open started, while the chatter surrounded Greg Norman. Under miserable conditions, not unlike a typical day at the Stackstown Golf Club in Rathfarnham, Padraig Harrington shot an eagle. He walked off the eighteenth green with a three over par, the winner of the British Open. Again.

They're very happy at the club, where Padraig Harrington learned how to play the game of golf. They're very happy that an Irishman won the British Open once again, two years running. The only ones who aren't happy are the bookies, who never expected a second win, after an opening round bogey. There's a true legend in Irish sport for you.

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