Friday, July 11, 2008

A Lawyer For Every Lawsuit

The family of Adelina Weber has filed a lawsuit against the city of Waukegan, Illinois. They blame the police department for her death. They found a lawyer who was willing to take the case.

Ms. Weber was stabbed to death by her husband, against whom she had an order of protection. Her family has laid the blame for her murder at the feet of the Waukegan authorities. She'd be alive today, they claim, if the police had taken more aggressive action against Clarence Weber.

Clearly the man posed a threat to his wife, and there was enough evidence that he was a danger to her. Orders of protection are not handed out by the courts without good reason.

As the Weber divorce grew increasingly bitter, Mr. Weber took to making threats. Should have arrested him then, the family of Adelina Weber has stated in their lawsuit. Not locking the man up was an act of willful and wanton conduct on the part of the police department.

The attorney representing the relatives of the murder victim may have gone in with the hope that the city of Waukegan would settle, rather than proceed with a more costly court case, and there'd be a check in the mail for legal services rendered.

When the suit is heard in court, the lawyers for the city of Waukegan will present some evidence that was taken from Ms. Weber's car on the day she was murdered. They will show the note from Mr. Weber, asking her to meet him near her place of work. They will show that Ms. Weber went to meet him, in spite of a court order that barred the warring couple from close contact. They will show that Ms. Weber violated the order herself.

As lawsuits go, this one is on shaky legs. When it's tossed out of court, the family will blame the justice system, the unfairness of jurisprudence. They won't blame the lawyer for accepting a case that had little or no basis in law and no chance of succeeding.


Anonymous said...

I also understand from the newspaper articles that the victim was an illeagal alien. When this case is being heard, I would suggest that the judge inquire as to the immigration status of the family members bringing the lawsuit. Anyone who disregards the U.S. immigration laws when they enter this country should have no recourse in a U.S. court of law!

O hAnnrachainn said...

I doubt the family is here illegally, since bringing a lawsuit would alert authorities to their status and they'd face deportation.

Whether they are here legally or not makes no difference in the U.S. court, which will hear the case on its merits, and that's a grand thing indeed.