Tuesday, July 01, 2008

One Scam Deserves Another

Bit by bit, man-made global warming is being exposed for the fallacy that it is. Bad science, poor statistical analysis, and a complete reliance on computer models is coming undone by observation. No matter how often the alarmists revise their computer models, the actual weather refuses to cooperate.

Bob Williamson believes in global warming. He believes so fervently that's he's penned a terrifying scenario of the future, when there's no more fossil fuels and we're stewing in our own juices.

He means well, I'm sure. He honestly believes that a computer can correctly extrapolate fifty years of CO2 measurements into an accurate prediction of weather that has been changing for the past few billion years. Given that he's fallen for one scam, is it right that he be taken in by another?

The rights to Mr. Wiiliamson's book are available. If anyone is interested, they can contact his literary agent. Yes, that's right. He thinks that the WL Literary Agency Group is a real literary agency that sells books to publishers.

Can someone in Australia please let the poor man know that he's the victim of yet another scam? Eventually he'll find out that the earth's climate is variable and man has little or nothing to do with the changing, but he should be told right now that he's signed on to a company that exists to take his money and give nothing in return. Rather like the carbon offset industry.


Anonymous said...

fallacy? maybe i'm misunderstanding your point, but global warming is as real as the planet earth is round.

O hAnnrachainn said...

The earth has been warmer, it has been cooler. The climate has always been variable, and not because Homo sapiens took to burning carbon based materials. Instead of trying to control what we cannot control, it would be better to prepare for that which has happened before.

The oceans have been higher, the polar ice caps have been much larger -- which is normal? Both.