Saturday, July 12, 2008

Cookbooks To Look For

The lawsuit goes on.

Missy Chase Lapine has no intention of backing down from her contention that Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld plagiarized her children's cookbook. She won't be beaten down by the weight of Seinfeldian fame, and a recent re-run of Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld's appearance on Oprah's show only added fuel to the fire. With the Oprah touch, even in repeats, Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld's book rose in the sales rankings, while Ms. Lapine's cookbook met a slight rise.

Look for Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld's book on Amazon and you'll be given a recommendation to also purchase Ms. Lapine's offering. That may help the plaintiff in the lawsuit, but nothing beats a slot on Oprah to generate book sales, and nothing beats celebrity status to get people to think the celebrity knows what they're talking about. Just because Ms. Lapine was there first, with the same recipes and an eerily similar cover, doesn't get her seven-figure sales.

Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld is said to be hard at work, ignoring the threat of legal action from one of the little people and creating a new cookbook. Everyone at HarperCollins, her publisher, has been quiet about the details, but don't be surprised if Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld creates a series of clever recipes to sneak healthy foods into the husband's daily fare. After she's done with that, she will turn her culinary attention to the dieters who could use some tasty recipes to ease their travails in hunger.

As soon as Missy Chase Lapine's new recipe collection for sneaking healthy foods into the husband's daily fare are laid down, Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld will be at her keyboard and HarperCollins will be gearing up the publicity machine. It's only a matter of time before Ms. Lapine's cookbook for dieters is available in the shops, and by sheer coincidence it'll be the third in the series for Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld. Not there's anything wrong with that.

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