Friday, July 25, 2008

An Abysmal Human Rights Record

Living in Ireland is hell on earth, what with the nation's utter lack of human rights. The UN has finished their inspections, using reports from groups that believe that Ireland lacks human rights, and now it's all there in print, every failing. And people complain about rights in the U.S.

The Oireachtas has yet to pass new laws that over-ride the laws of biology. Transgendered folks have the right to turn back the clock and have their birth certificates changed, right along with the surgery that transformed them. New rules must be put in place, that force biologists to ignore the Y-chromosome should DNA tests be performed on Susie because he says he's a girl and that's good enough for everyone. Down with biological laws! Up with human rights!

Ireland's been Catholic far too long, and let's just forget about the religious persecution of the old regime that drove so many to become so devout. The restrictions on abortion are too severe, and if you'd stop listening to the priests and bishops, and enact the right sorts of civil laws, Ireland would be grand indeed. It's not good enough that women can hop on a ferry and go to England for an abortion. And it's not an excuse that the women of Northern Ireland have to do the same, with an island-wide ban that's entirely driven by religious prejudice. Down with abortion restrictions! Up with human rights!

Speaking of Catholicism, it's no excuse that the writers of the Irish Constitution were such hard-core Papists. Making judges take a religious oath? Outrageous. We're all secular here at the U.N., and the Irish had better step up. That means the schools can't include religion in the curriculum. No more faith-based education; call it "character counts" and don't bring up the laws of Moses. Down with God! Up with human rights!

Immigrants came to America because they were fed up with being told what to do, and that attitude has remained deeply ingrained. The U.N. might be based in New York City, but Americans ignore the august body completely when they're not laughing at it. But for those who stayed put in Europe, the U.N. has your marching orders.

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