Saturday, December 22, 2007

Run-Up To Christmas

With Christmas approaching, few are stopping in to research literary agents or catch up on the latest bit of nonsense and news.

The shopping's done, the eating's begun and the bottles are yet to be drained. No white Christmas this year, the weather service reports, but we'll be happy for the company and not mind the outdoors.

It's a special holiday for those defrauded by Matthew Schachter, seller of phony insurance policies. The Criminal Assets Bureau will be distributing the late huckster's ill-gotten gains amongst his many victims, although it'll be pennies on the dollar. Something is better than nothing, however, and the four million euros will be welcomed.

Still and all, the greatest gift is good health....although having a literary agent wouldn't be half bad.

Merry Christmas to all.


Anonymous said...

I just dropped by to wish you a Merry Christmas and for the next year--may you travels take you to publications, with or without an agent.


O hAnnrachainn said...

Thank you, and all the best to you and yours. Here's to a successful new year, in whatever form that success may take.