Thursday, December 20, 2007

Banks Are Unnecessary

All together, just like old times. The Ahern clan gathered to celebrate the debut of P.S. I Love You, the movie adaptation of Cecilia's debut novel. All the stars were out in Dublin last night, enjoying the craic and the Guinness. At least Hilary Swank claimed that she was fond of the black stuff.

Skinny as a rail, that Hollywood star, but doesn't Georgina look as if she's enjoying the Westlife so? Never guess she's the mother of twins. And there's the proud mother of the author, dressed in pink like her literary little girl, while the father looks to be hanging off the edge, falling into the background.

Everyone stood out in the cold to watch the stars go by, but there's another sort of pride that was on display. The movie itself was filmed largely in County Wicklow, among the Wicklow Hills, and won't that do more for Irish tourism than any brochure that Failte Ireland could produce? The film is sure to be a big hit and An Taoiseach is hoping that even more people will come to see the scenery in real life.

It was a pleasant respite for Mr. Ahern, who returned to the Mahon Tribunal today to tell them that he didn't need a bank account back when he was leaving Miriam and the girls. No one knows how much he had stuffed in his safe, or if his mattress was bulging with Irish pounds, so who could say what shape his finances were in back in the day? The missus looked grand at the movie premier. Sounds like himself didn't want to give her a few grand when they separated if he could hide it somewhere.

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