Thursday, December 27, 2007

Holiday Cheer Comes To An End

Peace on earth, goodwill and all that....Christmas is over. Your story is rejected.

Waited until after the holiday, so there's the silver lining in the black cloud. Even quality work is often rejected, what with all the submissions. If we printed every good story that crossed our desks, our literary journal would be five inches thick and we don't have that sort of budget.

Sure we checked out your website several times. There was certainly enough time, seeing as we held on to the submission for a month beyond our usual response time. It's just that you made it to the maybe pile, and the other authors we accepted didn't decline the offer so there was no room. A previous publication could have weighed in your favor. Unfortunately, your website content didn't change in that particular area over the course of the five months that we had the story under consideration.

We read it and considered it carefully, but we won't need it. Good luck finding someone else to print the thing.

Sincerely, Literary Journal Editor

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