Thursday, September 23, 2010

We Don't Want Nobody Nobody Sent

On the Sobel Weber Associates website, there's instructions on how to send a query.

Pretty straightforward. Via US Mail, hard copy, to their address. They want exclusive submissions only.

So I failed to say that I was sending them a query and only them for the one month period they request. For that failure, it's a rejection.

Because of the recent influx of submissions, they write, from present clients and referrals from editors and other writers, they'll only consider material submitted on an exclusive basis.

Consequently, the rejection letter continues, they are unable to afford proper consideration to unsolicited or multiple submissions.

It isn't all about the exclusive or lack thereof.

Sobel Weber Associates don't want nobody nobody sent.

You want to query them? Someone has to let them know you're coming, that you're all right. You've been pre-approved by another author or editor who has the trust of Mr. Sobel.

Maybe you won't get that from reading their submission requirements. But now you know.

It's not what you know but who you know in the publishing world.

Or, it's just a way to reject a query without having to resort to any obscure prose that says thanks but no thanks, not for us, the list is full, etc. etc.

Unless you have connections, unless you have some clout, Sobel Weber doesn't want to hear from you.


Unknown said...


I found your blog googling info on Amanda Cardinale. I didn't find the post where you mention her. But I am glad I found your blog.

I have been querying since May. Only 2 partials. 1 rejected, the other I am waiting to hear about. I had a major rewrite and am in the middle of tweaking my entire MS.

Querying is tough. I have been on the ledge many times. At least we have other aspiring authors to comiserate with. Glad to have found you. ;)

O hAnnrachainn said...

If you haven't found the forums at or, be sure to check them out. There's quite a number of us commiserating and whinging over there.