Friday, July 16, 2010

Moral Equivalance

Amid much fanfare, the Vatican announced the latest policy on handling clerical sex abuse cases.

Former victims feel that the rules and regulations don't go far enough. There's no official mandate making it clear to the local bishop that he's to inform civil authorities when a pervert's been caught. The new rules are only the old guidelines now put into code.

Curb the perpetrator's public ministry says the Holy See. No mention of driving him to the nearest police station for arrest and trial by a jury of his peers.

You just know that some clever type will make a remark about the lack of women in the priesthood, and wouldn't the Church be better off with women priests? It's not as if there's no women in the world so how can the Vatican hierarchy be so uniformly unisex?

Put that thought away. Anyone who dares to consecrate a female of the species into the priesthood is as evil as the priest who abuses children. So says the Holy See.

Quite a stretch, that bit of moral equivalence. Make a woman a priest and you're as bad as the man who goes from parish to parish abusing children and destroying lives.

They've made it clear, the red-robed cardinals and the white-clad Pope, they've left no doubt about their regard for women. And it's rather obvious what they think of the parishioners.

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