Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Literary Smoke and Mirrors

Authors in search of publication usually have no experience with the publishing industry. They don't know what to do with the manuscript they've spent months and years to create.

Google is your friend, would be author. You can check the bona fides of agents and publishers and even the offers that don't sound quite right.

Reading your local paper, you might see that that a neighbor has found publishing success with PublishAmerica and you think, that's for me. Google first. You'd be amazed at what you'd find.

So many people have Googled and discovered the truth about the scam that is PublishAmerica that PublishAmerica has taken to blowing a lot of literary smoke up the ass of naive writers.

So bad is the reputation that they've taken to masking themselves. For a time, at any rate. Until this scam, too, is rumbled.

Aware of the stigma that is PublishAmerica? They have an app for that. It's called Independence Books. See? Not PublishAmerica at all. Those who would have laughed at you for signing with a scam outfit won't realize that you've been made a sucker.

"It will not show as POD" goes the announcement from PA. Your book will look a little more like it was published by a house that vets all its publications, unlike PA that prints up anything that comes in the door.

It won't make it any easier to sell, because it's still Print On Demand and there's still no sales and marketing departments to get your book into the shops.

It still doesn't make sense to consider PublishAmerica in any of its forms.

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